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A Catalyst for the progress of self and community

through creative expression and problem-solving.

curiosity NODES


Curiosity Nodes are facilities TheNYX provides to allow expression of the skilled and entry point for the curious student.






Our co-living hub is a place for you to teach and learn from one of our Curiosity Nodes, innovate solutions to our in-house and global open source problems.

Rice Field Views

Get creative while staying connected to nature. Dive deep into your personal or professional work in the solitude of rice paddies and palm trees without traffic noise or distractions.

A Unique Space

The NYX is proud to hold a distinctive set of values and goals which are
unique to only us. We support the environment, science, art, and personal development, and aim to foster connections between all of our members and those for pillars of focus. Consistently, our physical space is decorated with art produced in-house and made up of bamboo buildings designed just for us. Our space showcases all of the natural beauty found around Bali, and is supplemented by the beauty of our blossoming community.

Permaculture jungle

Tune into nature and get your hands dirty in the Permaculture Jungle, a stretch of land filled with plant beds and experimental permaculture technologies. Here you can explore and discover the wonders of companion cropping, food forestry, compost composition, hydroponics, aquaponics, bamboo trellises and more!


We have spaces dedicated to creatives and their creations. We encourage all artists to explore themselves and use a variety of mediums. Our space has held videographers, painters, dancers, architects, and has doubled as a tattoo parlour for our in-house tattoo artists. Much of the visual art produced at the NYX dances across the walls of our creation space, offering an inspiring setting for collaborating with fellow artist residents.

personal development

Personal development is supported in our space through connection to other residents and to our own bodies and minds. Our intentional community has weekly sharing circles to hold space and help build meaningful relationships among our residents. We also support community members to share tools for the community to bond, connect, or better understand themselves. Physically, we often have ecstatic dance events and yoga classes to help lead our bodies to a calm state, for our minds to follow. We aim for our residents to be in a consistent flow of self-improvement, and create a space for our community to help its members bloom where they grow.

Helicon sound lab

Yes, you can actually record an album while staying at The NYX! Offering stunning, inspirational views, Helicon Sound Lab is Bali’s premier audio production studio. Record live sessions, podcasts and livestreams, conduct sound design, or compose original music. In the studio you’ll find some of the finest elements of music/audio recording and mastering equipment in the world, including hot brands like NEEVE Audio, Neumann, and RME. We can’t wait to jam with you!


Step into The Aether, our concrete and bamboo multi-purpose space for all forms of craftwork and movement arts. Upstairs you can roll out a mat for yoga or lead a dance class while enjoying epic rice paddie and jungle views. Down below we offer a studio space for woodwork, painting, photography, and whatever else your mind can conjure.


We catalyze connection and collaboration by hosting regular events such as hackathons, masterminds, and workshops. Our weekly programs offer opportunities to heal and recharge, create new solutions, reconnect with nature, challenge yourself, skillshare with other community members, share wisdom, grow mentally, physically and professionally, and discover or further pursue your calling. Our events aim to highlight that every NYX member is both a teacher and a student.

Science Division

Our space supports the growth of scientists and tech-savvy community members along with any research they want to pursue in the space! The NYX is equipped with microscopes to inspect soil samples, plant tissue cultures, microbes, and your very own skin cells. Project your ideas into our two ViVE Virtual reality headsets and immerse yourself into new worlds! At The NYX, all members are encouraged to be curious about science and technology, and to share their ideas and knowledge with the community.


Gg. Kumba Ayu

Tampaksiring, Gianyar

Bali 80552